New Orleans: The Big (Vag)-Easy

Yesterday we had a post about a vagina shaped couch. Today we discovered that New Orleans will be the site of a special 10th Anniversary performance of The Vagina Monologues because, says playwright Eve Ensler, “we should celebrate New Orleans, cherish it, protect it, just as we do our vaginas, and make sure it goes on and on.” Awesome. For those two days (April 11-12), the city will become “The Vagina Capital of the World”, as the Louisiana Superdome gets decked out “with a big vagina entrance.” The Vagina Superdome will be the setting for performance events, parties, parades, workshops, wellness and education programs, speakers, and even spa treatments, which will be free to residents of New Orleans and the Gulf South. Okay, we think all of this is pretty cool, and we get that the hurricane-ravaged city needs some TLC, but we agree with Feministing when they say that all this excessive vagina talk is making the word a lil’ hokey. Whatever, we’d still totally go. [ via Feministing]