American Idol Introduces Us To Father/Son Purity Pledges

American Idol always gives us plenty of hysterical tidbits and this year has been no different. First there’s Alexis Cohen, the 23-year old glitter covered Grace Slick fan from Pennsylvania who sounded like an old Jewish grandmother; then there’s the Simon-obsessed Renaldo Lapuz who wrote a rather catchy diddy called “I Am Your Brother”; and, lastly, there’s this guy — Bruce Dickson. Bruce is a virgin, has never kissed a girl, and is not planning to until he gets married! In fact, he and his Dad each wear one part of a purity necklace, shaped like a heart and a key. When Bruce meets that one lucky lady (who’d better be as pure as he is!), Bruce’s daddy is going to give her his necklace so that now, Bruce will have the key to her heart. So, on one hand we’re majorly creeped out — we’ve never heard of fathers and sons making purity pledges! Isn’t that kind of pervy and gay? But on the flip side, it is totally nice that the completely misogynistic and sexist traditional of father’s guarding the purity of their daughters might be on its way to becoming co-ed. [YouTube]