It’s Not Fair That Guys Are Incapable Of Getting Pregnant

The New York Times had an interesting op-ed piece entitled “Sex and the Teenage Girl” in yesterday’s paper. Basically, it brings up the fact that the effects of a pregnancy—whether it is terminated or the baby is given up for adoption—are lasting. The writer says that Juno is a fairy tale, albeit a very entertaining one. In the movie, Juno is able to go on with her adolescent life after she gives up her baby. In the world outside of the movie theater, she would have lived with physical and psychological burdens, whatever her decision had been. And even though it takes two to tango, or whatever people say, the only worry guys have is getting infected with an STI. Since they aren’t bulging in the belly, they can escape association (or claim they’re not the father). Do you think things would be a lot more equal if guys could have babies, like in that movie Junior? [NY Times]