The Daily Squeeze: Wii Chocolate, Another Dead Lover, and Chicago’s Busy Fridays

  • If you’re afraid your boyfriend loves his Wii more than he loves you, buy him these chocolates for Valentine’s Day. [Paul Pape Designs]
  • Not unlike yesterday’s story of animals in love, a 66-year-old woman lived for more than a year with her dead lover’s body decomposing in her house. Guess she didn’t watch that Desperate Housewives episode and learn you actually should keep dead people in a basement freezer. [Yahoo!]
  • The author of Freakonomics, Steven D. Levitt, just completed a two-year study on prostitution in Chicago. Some interesting facts: about 3 percent of sex acts were freebies to police officers to avoid arrest; full-time prostitutes made less than $20,000 per year, on average; and Fridays were the busiest days, while Mondays were the slowest. [Chicago Tribune]