The Most Romantic Story Of The Day: Dog Mourns The Loss Of Cat Best Friend

Get your Kleenex ready girls, we’ve got a heartbreaker here. Oscar, a dog, and Arthur, a cat, were totally BFF’s — they were inseparable, even cuddling together every night as they slept. Then Arthur died at the ripe old age of 17. His best friend buried in the backyard, Oscar was inconsolable. So heartbroken was he, that one night he went into the backyard, pulled up Arthur’s remains from his little grave and carried the kitty to his bed and cleaned him up, laying down next to him as he had so many times before. Now that Arthur has been reburied, Oscar’s owners have taken steps to mend his wounded heart — getting him another kitten playmate named Limpet to keep him company. Sniff. Even though there was no way that Oscar and Arthur could ever reproduce, we’re pretty sure that this is the most romantic story we have ever heard. These two beasts were in love in that special way that only interspecies gay lovers can be and that we celebrate. []