Is Three Still A Crowd In Modern Marriages?

We recently came across some puzzling paparazzi photos of a newly married Elizabeth Hurley with her husband Arun Nayer on holiday — the puzzling part wasn’t that the couple was on vacay together, but rather that her ex-boyfriend, British cad Hugh Grant, came along for the ride. How…romantic? The trend has made its way to television as well — one of our favorite breakout hits from the last TV season, Showtime’s Californication, stars David Duchovny as a foul-mouthed writer who constantly stops by uninvited at his ex (and baby momma) and her new fiancé’s home. [Spoiler: In the end she runs off with him after her wedding — a plot point that probably could have been stopped if her fiancé had put the kibosh on all the overly friendly ex-relations (though that would have made for a less exciting season finale).] So what’s the deal Frisky women? Do you — or your partners — have exes who still come ’round for tea and stay for supper, too? Share your stories in the comments — maybe The Frisky is just a little bit behind the times when it comes to modern matrimony. [Daily Mail, Dotspotter]