Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia Overcome 12-Year Age Difference To Be Together

After months of denial, Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia, dubbed “Halo,” might admit they’re dating now that a family friend has outed their relationship in People. According to the magazine, Milo [Ed. Note: What the hell is up with Milo’s mouth?] has even met Hayden’s family, and they love him despite his age (30) compared to hers (18). While he might not seem like he’s 30 — age is nothing in Hollywood — 12 years does seem like a bit of a gap. I discuss with Shopping-Is-His Hobby Guy after the jump…me: Did you read that Hayden Panettiere is dating Milo Ventimiglia? She’s 18. He’s 30.
Shopping Is My Hobby Guy: He doesn’t seem 30 though.
me: Why not?
Shopping Is My Hobby Guy: But, I mean, she’s 18.
Like, just legal
I don’t know. He looks younger.
me: They are 12 years apart.
That’s like me dating a 13-year-old.
Shopping Is My Hobby Guy: True.
When you put it that way.
me: Or me dating a 37-year-old.
In related online dating news, a 35-year-old contacted me.
Shopping Is My Hobby Guy: Well, if he looked like Milo, was successful (aka $$$) and is famous, who cares about age?
me: So you don’t think it would be weird? If I went out with him? As long as he’s good looking, rich and famous? Ha.
Shopping Is My Hobby Guy: Yes. But, I’m guessing the 35-year-old doing online dating isn’t rich and famous. Possibly could be good-looking. [People]