Archives: December, 2007

Happy New Year! Now, Before You Kiss Me At Midnight...
Dear Abby Ponders The Naked Boy Next Door
Star Couplings: Lauren Conrad Snogs Stephen Colletti -- Been There, Done That!
2007 Was One Interesting, Horny Year
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What Does Fred Thompson Have Against Women?
PETA Sex Dolls Confiscated
The Greatest Erotic Poet Of Our Time: R. Kelly
The Year In Sex Links
Women Want More Than Rich Men In 2008
Cheating And Christmas Go Hand In Hand
In The News: Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto Assassinated At Political Rally
Star Couplings: Fergie's Getting Hitched
Nickelodeon Plans A Teen Sex Special Thanks To Jamie Lynn Spears
My So-Called Life: We Still Love The Way Jordan Catalano Leans
Lindsay Lohan's Other "Addiction"
The Bush Administration Spanks Washington State For Teaching Sex Education
Katherine Heigl Marries Josh Kelley -- You Know, That Guy With The Hair Shirt
The Frisky Holiday Gift Guide
Sex Workers Celebrate Christmas, Too!
Tila Tequila Gives A Frat Boy A Shot At Love
Female Monkeys Are Screamers In The Sack
Jamie-Lynn Spears Must Have Missed The Memo On Birth Control
Poll: Presidential Politics In The Bedroom
Lindsay Lohan: Lesbian Or Not?
Hopefully, Her Marriage Won't End Up In The Crapper Like Her Dress
Falling In Love On The A Train
Give Me An O!
Online Dating Is A Lot More Strict In Asia
David Faustino Is A Dickhead (Or Wears A Dick On His Head)
Poll: It's Raining Babies! Surprise!
South African Teenagers Aren't Getting Any
Syphilis Is a Nasty, Nasty Disease
Keira Knightley and James McAvoy In The Library
The Hills Is A Sexless City
Poll: Celeb Couples Who Don't Love No Mo'
Michelle and John Brubaker Show Newlyweds How A First Dance Is Really Done
UPDATE: Pamela Anderson's Relationship Fluctuates More Quickly Than Her Breast Size
President Sarkozy Says "Bonjour!" to Carla Bruni
Pamela Anderson's Marriage Vanishes
Poll: Notches In Your Bedpost
The Britney Nightmare Keeps Getting Worse
Jessica Simpson Takes The Mojo Out Of Tony Romo
Spanx You Very Much!
Save The Drama For Your Mama (Pitt)
Doctors Determine The Perfect Age To Get Laid
J.Lo Hewitt's Got Back
Jennifer Aniston's Dark Cloud Hurting the Arquette's Marriage
Poll: Marry, Screw, Or Stab On The Campaign Trail
Crave: Hairy Underwear, Dirty Cookie Cutters, and Mirror Kink
Carrie Bradshaw Might Be Sleeping Around When She's 60
Going Out For Drinks Is Boring
England's Top Dealbreakers: Dancing Like McLovin'
Dustin Hoffman Discusses Sex Life With Swedish Reporter
All Nerds Are Not Created Equal
Gross Guy Trend: Limp, Thinning Hair
$200 Cash Is Not A Thoughtful Anniversary Gift
Hot Piece Of Ass: Jamie Campbell Bower
Go To The Philadelphia Airport, Get A Date
No Longer Lost In Translation
Hot Piece of Ass: Eva Mendes
Failed American Men Should Not Throw Stones At British Women From Glass Houses. Or Something.
Husband Buys Wife Vibrator, Then Regrets It
Isabella Rossellini Investigates Bug Love
The Frisky Channels Linda Richman: Would You Screw Someone For $1 Million?
Sugar Babies Can Finally Stop Worrying About Dating Middle-Income Guys
Rubbers Go Global
Lipstick Does Its Part to Keep The Roads Safe
Double Beds On Airplanes Can’t Possibly Be Meant For Sleeping
Maybe We Pretend We Can’t Cook So We Won’t Have To
2007 Was The Year of the Sex Tape, 2008 Is The Year of The Unplanned Pregnancy
PETA Splatters The Olsen Twins With Virtual Red Paint
The Hills Finale: That Was It?!
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Poll: The Name Game
Changing Your Last Name: An Internal Monologue
Campus Curfew: Rushing to Conclusions
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Katherine Heigl Bites the Misogynistic Hand That Feeds Her
Breaking! Jodie Foster Isn't Straight!
Sherri Shephard Thinks Little Boys Are Just One Princess Skirt Away From Homo-Land
Breaking Shocker: Drunk People Get Their Freak On
Heidi Klum, Bid Your Singing Career "Auf Wiedersehen!"
Goodie of the Day: Mary Carey's Fun Bags
Hot Piece of Ass: Jean Sarkozy
The Kardashians Debate Sex On Film
Christina Aguilera: The Most Virginal Pregnant Lady Almost Ever
Marriage: Whatta Lifesaver!
Love Letters That Are Sweeter, More Awkward Than Your Own
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"Politics Is A Man's World" Says Actress/Twit Angie Harmon
The Daily Squeeze: Hos, Vibes, and Nudie Pics!
Breaking News: Abstinence-Ed Doesn't Work!
Brad Pitt Fears Angelina Will Add Him To Her List of Suckers
Matt Damon Named People's Sexiest Man Alive
Tyra Thinks Bisexuality Is A Trend That Everyone, Us Is Doing
Not All Guys Are Sleazy, But A Few Really Are
U.S. Fights Bloody War in Iraq, Also Loses Icky War On Crotch Rot At Home
NY Subway Dreamgirl: The Epilogue
Lesbian Ministers Make The Big Guy Proud on The Amazing Race
Kanye West's Mom The Latest Victim In Plastic Surgery's Evil Profit Making
Lindsay Lohan Flirts With Danger
A Wandering Eye Is Not Such A Bad Thing
Mitt Romney Implies God Made Man And Man Couldn't Control His Boner
Lily Allen Cops A Feel
Modest Proposals: Would You RSVP?
Hot Piece of Ass: Sawyer From Lost
Weekly Turn-On: Tea Time!
Hey Kids! Hugs Are For Thugs!
Jennifer Lopez: "We're Expecting!" Duh.
Sweet/Scary Subway Guy Finds His Dream Girl
Bloody Period Finally Good For Something!
Dita Von Teese and Frederick's Of Hollywood Know Mrs. Claus Needs Panties Too!
Missed Connection Notice Sweet or Scary?
The Tyra Banks Vagina Spectacular!
Putting Out In Bed Same As Putting Out The Trash
Maybe We Were A Tad Judgey About Male Responsibility
Male Birth Control: Worth The Research Bucks?
Worst. Husband. Ever.
SJP Is Sexy Ugly In Our Book
Katie Holmes Free-Boobs It
Messing With Paris? So Not Hot.
Vajayjay Nation: What'd You Call It, Oprah?
Sluts of the World Unmasked!
Lance Armstrong: Cruising For Jailbait
The G-Shot Promises A Pouty, Kissable Vagina In Minutes!
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Is America Ready For A FLILF?
The Hills: Bros Before Hos Is So Over
Poll: Hollywood Hotties
Disturbing Fashion Trend: Tween Thongs
Dress Your Daughter Like A Whore For Halloween
Market Test: The Shenis
The Hills Starts To Resemble A Movie Of The Week
Ellen and Portia Crush Our Lesbian Dreams
Ginger Spice Wants Her Feminism Light and Fruity
If This Is What Marriage Is Like, We're Never Doing It
Knocked Up: The Most Controversial and Thought-Provoking Stupid-Funny Movie Ever
Who Says Love Don't Cost A Thing?
Period Free: Fab or Deadly?
Odds Still In Divorce's Favor
Elle Woods Party Plans Your Next Mammogram