Happy New Year! Now, Before You Kiss Me At Midnight…

Some of you may be prepping your lips for a New Year’s kiss, so here’s something for you to ponder while your tongue is engaged later on: Men and women kiss for different reasons, according to a Gallup study. Women use kissing to check on where their relationships stand. Men, on the other hand, tend to kiss to gain sexual favors or to reconcile. In other words, he wants you to go home with him after the ball drops, so, ladies, choose wisely! And, though kind of obvious, a Softlips survey found that women prefer tender kisses, while men like “lustful, passionate kisses” more. Oh, and one more thing. Tonight, before you get lost in a booze-and-confetti-filled moment, don’t be among the 76 percent of people who don’t check their breath before kissing someone. Because your breath stinks. [The Enquirer (Cincinnati)]

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