Dear Abby Ponders The Naked Boy Next Door

“Clothes-Minded In Wisconsin” wrote “Dear Abby” about her neighbor’s 16-year-old son, who walks around the house completely nude in front of his family. “In the morning he gets up around 6:45. He walks into the kitchen and fixes a bowl of cereal. Then he stands at the counter, watching the morning sports shows while eating his breakfast in the nude. There is absolutely no evidence of arousal of any kind. When the bathroom becomes available, he goes in for a shower.”

Clothes-Minded is wondering whether it’s normal for a teenage boy to do this. What we’re wondering is how she seems to know his morning routine so well. Does she hide behind her white-lace kitchen curtains, watching the morning sports updates through binoculars and searching for signs of arousal in the house next door? Dear Abby, is it normal to spy on your neighbors so religiously? [Yahoo!]