YouTube Love: There’s No Better Way Of Saying “Happy One-Month Anniversary” Than A Video Montage

  • For my boo.
    “i love my boyfriend seth so much, so i made a video for the 1 month anniversary of our relationship.”
    Hollyxhorror created a photo montage for her boyfriend, Seth, in honor of their one-month anniversary. Set to the tune of Secondhand Serenade’s “Half Alive,” the video includes photographs of Hollyxhorror glaring at the camera and Seth playing the guitar in an AC/DC t-shirt, as well as romantic quotes and hand-doodled images. Hooray for emo goth love! [YouTube: For My Boo]
  • Do what you got to do!
    “What would you do if you caught your mate cheating in your whip….”
    Undefiableimage1 has a mind, and she’s not afraid to speak it. This week, she wants to know what you would do if you found your man cheating on you in your car. Because, as she points out, you can’t slash your own tires. [YouTube: Do What You Got To Do!]
  • Crazy fight
    “indian and chinese fighting for their boy video shoot with my mobile at sunway hotel in malaysia.”
    Do you remember when girls used to scratch at each other in middle school because one of them was “stealing” the other’s “boyfriend”? Well, this is more intense. [YouTube: Crazy Fight]
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