Nickelodeon Plans A Teen Sex Special Thanks To Jamie Lynn Spears

As young Hollywood grows up, the young stars are bound to make mistakes, even if they seem perfect on-screen, down to their braces-less teeth and pimple-less skin. But if a show’s core fan base is between the ages of 9 and 14, it’s generally expected that its stars will do their best not to get into any trouble with the law or come across as too sexy in their personal lives. But stuff happens. Disney dealt with it earlier this year and Vanessa Hudgens seems even more popular than ever after taking responsibility for her nude pictures. But can Nickelodeon can do the same after Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy announcement? The network has already said it respects Jamie Lynn’s decision to take responsibility and keep her baby. Now Nick may air a special on teen sex as soon as next month, which could totally make amends for its most popular star getting knocked up — not to mention throw a lil’ sand in the face of those who think kids Jamie Lynn’s age should only learn about abstinence (a lot of good that did!). Luckily, the fourth and final season of Zoey 101 has already been taped and will air beginning in February, so there will be no need to dress Zoey in a wardrobe of empire waists and muumuus or have her suddenly decide to transfer schools and leave her friends at Pacific Coast Academy behind. Crisis (kinda, sorta) averted. [People]