Lindsay Lohan’s Other “Addiction”

When Lindsay Lohan first confirmed she was dating Riley Giles, she told In Touch that she was “really happy.” Well, it’s possible that she meant she was really happy because she had found someone who would feed her sex addiction. That’s what Riley’s telling tabloids, saying Lindsay used sex as a substitute for drugs and made him “go at it for hours…She’d have worn out most guys,” but not you, Riley, you’re a stallion, and classy, too. How right your ex, Bree Tierney, was when she said earlier that you were just using Lindsay for publicity. Though you seemed to seemed to enjoy Lindsay’s butt, as well, waxing poetic on its loveliness: “Her backside is fantastic, perfect, all plump and round.” Whoops, there went our lunch. [Popcrunch]

Update: Now Riley is selling pics of Lindsay from when they were together to the tabloids. Classy! [MSNBC]