Katherine Heigl Marries Josh Kelley — You Know, That Guy With The Hair Shirt

Admittedly, we find Katherine Heigl annoying. Like, when she went to that Golden Globes ceremony a few years ago and didn’t clap when some other actor won over her GBFF (Gay Best Friend Forever) T.R. Knight. Or when she herself won and got all pissy when the announcer pronounced her name wrong (it happens, move on). Or when she echoed our sentiments about Knocked Up conveniently after she got done promoting the film and spending the paycheck. So it’s no wonder we muttered a little “Eww” when we found out Heigl finally married her longtime fiancé Josh Kelley in a ceremony in Utah over the weekend. He crosses a line with us, in the hairy chest department. Usually, we like chest hair — duh, the look is what made Burt Reynolds a stud for a lifetime. But Kelley has that very puzzling type of chest hair where the strands end in a perfect crew neck. It’s kind of revolting. So yeah, congratulations to the happy couple — they totally deserve each other! [MSNBC]