The Frisky Holiday Gift Guide

On A Budget: The My So-Called Life box set demonstrates that he’s totally in tune with your inner angsty teenager and that he doesn’t expect you to watch Die Hard for the 50 mllionth time.
Been Savin’: Buying a woman lingerie is kinda cheating because it’s obviously a gift he’ll enjoy too — so is buying her a digital camera (the two could go hand in hand). Agent Provocateur is totally our favorite high-end sexy under garments — there’s nothing practical about these frills, but since when did we want practical gifts anyway?
Got Money To Burn: Christian Louboutin stilettos aka the sexiest damn shoes you’ll ever put on your totally unworthy feet. If my boyfriend got me a pair of these for Christmas, I would be totally tempted to post about it here, but that might be seen as bragging, so I wouldn’t.FOR HIM
On A Budget: The Hipster Guy said, “Twenty-five 40 ounce bottles of Mickey’s. I kid you not. But seriously? Fancy socks. Cashmere, hell yes. That’s what I would want.” Marc Jacobs does it right.
Been Savin’: The Other Married Guy said, “The Alien Box Set — that would be one of the best unexpected gifts. Plus, it’s good for holing up and squeezing in terror, if you know what I mean.”
Got Money To Burn: The Shopping-Is-His-Hobby Guy said, “I’d want personal training sessions so I could build up an eight-pack — not a six-pack, an eight-pack. I’d take a nice watch or a bag from Jack Spade or Paul Smith too…or a plane trip somewhere tropical. Maybe the trip would be for next year after I get my training sessions and develop my eight-pack.”

YOUR BEST GIRLFRIEND: Jewelry doesn’t have to be lovey dovey; it can simply say, “Girlfriend, you’re fierce, and I love ya.” That’s what we think this lip necklace from Intuition projects and we like it.

YOUR MOM/HIS MOM: Moms never set aside time for relaxation and pampering, unless of course they’re the birds on rich people shows like Gossip Girl. Take her mind off practicality for an hour and arrange for a massage. Hit up Spa Finder to find a spa in her hometown. Heck, if it doesn’t give you the icks, arrange for a couples massage for her and dad. Old people feel frisky too, you know!

YOUR DAD/HIS DAD: The pocket breathalizer from Restoration Hardware is the perfect gift for the Dad who does drink (and likes to see how wasted he can get) and doesn’t drink (but knows your 16-year old brother does, the little punk!). I got it for my boyfriend’s dad as a sort of joke present because he seems to think his wife gets more inebriated when I’m around (in a fun way!).