The Britney Nightmare Keeps Getting Worse

We are mercilessly mocked for still being on Britney’s side in this whole K.Fed-divorcing, bad mommy, drug addicted debacle, but honestly, we may need to jump off the band wagon if the latest rumor about our fave pop star comes true. Gossip blogs like Perez Hilton and TMZ are reporting that Britney is going to marry Sam Lufti (the weird Svengali-like psycho who has been at her side constantly for the last few months) in Vegas this weekend…[brief pause to weep] No, no, no, no! We cannot take this. In addition to being super scary seeming and having a rep for being abusive and violent, Lufti is clearly only out for Brit’s money, and given her marriage to Federline, Britney is clearly blind to the insanely obvious signs. Seriously, do we need to pretend to be Britney’s mama and hop on plane and stop her? The girl has proven she’ll accept anyone as a friend who extends a hand. [Perez Hilton]