President Sarkozy Says “Bonjour!” to Carla Bruni

It seems that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has a type, and that type is ex-models—his ex-wife Cecilia used to pose for Schiaparelli, and this weekend he was seen with singer and former model Carla Bruni. He got divorced in October and he already has a hot new lady friend? Clearly, he lost no time. The two were photographed together at Disneyland in Paris on Saturday, though the Prez hasn’t copped to them being an item yet. We think the two would be an excellent match: While Cecilia didn’t accompany Sarkozy around town during the last presidential campaign, Carla probably wouldn’t mind making the rounds since she’s already famous and it could help her singing career — she’s ranked number 12,718 in music on, up from 13,156 earlier today. (We adore her and think she should be selling at least as many albums as the Enchanted soundtrack, which is ranked 83rd.) [AFP and Carla Bruni on MySpace ]