England’s Top Dealbreakers: Dancing Like McLovin’

Sometimes I wonder whether having “dealbreakers” just ruins your chances of finding someone because you’re limiting who you’ll even consider. Catherine Townsend, a sex writer in England, has a list of the top 10 dating don’ts — though she goes on to say that you shouldn’t date anyone who drives a Porsche or can’t dance. If none of us dated non-dancers, wouldn’t we all be sitting at home watching Ugly Betty every night? Top Ten Dating Taboos
1. Doesn’t pay on the first date
2. Doesn’t believe in sex before marriage
3. Is smaller than you
4. Spends more time getting ready than you do
5. Treats you like his therapist
6. Lives with his parents
7. Is rude to waiters
8. Is younger than your little brother
9. Is your mate’s best friend
10. Flirts with your best friends (or even worse, your mum)

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