Husband Buys Wife Vibrator, Then Regrets It

In an attempt to spice things up, a 50-year-old man bought a vibrator for his wife, but now she seems to have lost interest in him. The husband knows she uses the vibrator, so he thinks it’s the vibrator’s fault that she doesn’t want to have sex with him anymore. This is kind of sad because he was only trying to bring her pleasure by introducing a toy, but maybe he should have known that women are more likely to orgasm from masturbating than from having sex. An Australian study found that 56 percent of women who were sexually active without a partner had an orgasm every time they masturbated, compared with 24 percent of women having sex with a partner. Also, was this his wife’s first vibrator? If so, we’re definitely sadder for her that she missed out on all the fun for 50 years. [The Guardian]