Zach Braff Steals Alan Alda’s Crown

Speaking of Zach Braff, the Scrubs star has inspired a wee bit of controversy in our offices as heated words were exchanged over his general attractiveness and status as a “sex symbol.” The thing is, the conversation wasn’t so much debate as it was heated, enraged agreement that the puffy lipped schmo was totally heinous. So where does this sex symbol status come from for guys completely lacking in sexy qualities? In the case of Zach Braff, we blame, umm, Zach Braff, as well as the utter compliance of women’s brains to accept a vaguely funny and goofy guy as sexy. Case in point: Zach Braff has made a career out of playing a sensitive love interest opposite gorgeous co-stars like Rachel Bilson and Jacinda Barrett (both in Last Kiss, a movie made to make women sympathize with cheating fiances which, alas, didn’t work) not to mention the ethereal Natalie Portman. Who didn’t walk out of Garden State, arguably a great movie, shaking their head, going, “Ha! Like Zach Braff would ever have a chance with her!” But the thing is, Zach Braff did have a chance with Natalie Portman, as the two were rumored to date briefly after filming. Since then, he’s bagged the luscious Mandy Moore, Drew Barrymore, and Shiri Appleby — ambitiously, he’s rumored to have cheated on Mandy, which explains the angry lyrics on her most recent record and the message behind Last Kiss. So if the guy is A) ugly, B) a bastard, and C) self-absorbed enough to cast himself opposite Natalie Portman, what the heck is his appeal? A Frisky guy compared Braff’s appeal to the unexplainable popularity of a 1970’s Alan Alda, who does look decidedly douchey in the photo above. But seriously, ladies, if you’re a Braff fan convince us we’re wrong! Or if you agree, help us figure out where the miscommunication lies between sanity and lusting for the fatty-lipped douche.