The Pitfalls: The Great Aunt Who Hates You

I got lucky with my not-quite-in-laws. My boyfriend’s parents have seriously drank the Amelia Kool-Aid, and I love them just as much, despite differing political views and the fact that his mother’s amazing shoe collection fits me about as well as a DD-bra (meaning, not at all). However, no matter how great your significant other’s parents ma be, you’re bound to encounter at least one extended family member who thinks your Kool-Aid tastes like cow pee. Ever since a family get-together a year ago, I’ve suspected that my boyfriend’s great aunt wasn’t too keen on me, and not just because we’re living in sin and I made the mistake of telling her I thought marriage before kids wasn’t necessary. After sitting under her watchful eye this Thanksgiving, this great aunt informed my not-quite-mother-in-law, “I think Lauren’s boyfriend loves her more than Amelia loves your son.” For the record, her other revelations this Thanksgiving included dismay that we all like Barack Obama “even though he’s Muslim,” inquisitive wonderment that “all those Latinos” could afford to get into Disney World, and concluding a mild Christian sermon with “someone should assassinate O.J. Simpson!” Needless to say, Great Aunt’s observations can hardly be taken as kismet. Even so, it’s a bummer not being adored by everyone in your boyfriend’s family — though every wedding does need an objector!