The Kardashians Debate Sex On Film

So, this weekend it was snowy in New York, and we holed up inside and caught up on the excellently craptastic E! show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The show surrounds the extended family of the Kardashians (the oldest kids’ father is the late Robert Kardashian, who was one of O.J.’s lawyers), including Hollywood “socialite” Kim Kardashian, who’s famous for having a sex tape, and her massive gang of siblings. [Fun Fact: Kim’s mom Kris is married to Bruce Jenner, father to our favorite Hills hottie Brody Jenner!] The whole lot of them (save Brody and his relatively sane father) are a gang of trashy, materialistic celebutards who mostly make us laugh because of their idiocy, but still occasionally offend. But never did we think this trash TV would make us contemplate! On the season finale, oldest sister Kourtney finds out that some nudie photos she took with her boyfriend when she was 17 are being sold by a smut peddler. In a hilarious clip on Jezebel, the sisters discuss the normalcy of taking sexy photos (and for that matter, sexy video) with your significant other. And for once, we kind of agree with these little twits — isn’t it a perfectly normal thing for a couple to take sexy photos with or for them to share? If so, why do we judge people so harshly when the photo is released? It’s hardly the equivalent of being a porn star or a prostitute. But then we had an epiphany — it’s not the taking of the photos or the video that’s stupid and wrong; it’s not destroying it when you’re famous and chances are some smutty magazine would totally pay for it. But anyway, would you or have you ever taken sexy photos or video? What did you do with it? We once documented a romp in the sack, but upon viewing we immediately hit delete — not because we’re famous and US Weekly would pay millions for the footage, but because we totally realized just how un-photogenic we could be, especially in a state of undress. We’re not judging the rest of you, but never again! [E! Online]