“Politics Is A Man’s World” Says Actress/Twit Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon, one of the many semi-interchangeable women who’ve played an assistant district attorney on Law & Order, seems to think women in politics should be just as seen and not heard. The Texas-born and raised hardcore conservative, who’s married to former pro-football player Jason Sehorn (he famously proposed to her on Leno) told Page Six Magazine:

I really don’t know how I feel about [a woman in the White House]. I see the positive parts of it. But, you know, I think there’s something incredible about a First Lady. That, to me, is a woman in the White House. It’s sort of like being parents to the United States, and she takes on the role of mother and confidante and care-giver. Standing behind every powerful man, there’s a powerful woman…I don’t want to say no, because that doesn’t sound very open-mined.

Why, for the love of Eleanor Roosevelt, can’t there be an incredible First Husband behind the next great leader of the United States? We’re not being super pro-Hillary Clinton here, by the way, because voting for any woman is not a feminist statement by any means, but certainly all the feminine qualities Harmon speaks of — confidence, caring, powerful — would be an attribute to the highest office of the US Government. It always royally bums us out when we meet another woman who’s holding back her own gender from achieving all of wonderful genderless dreams our world has to offer. But I suppose we should be grateful that Harmon’s rationale wasn’t, “If a female president had a raging case of PMS, who’s to stop her from pressing the button and starting World War III?”