Matt Damon Named People’s Sexiest Man Alive

OMG! The most exciting day of the year has arrived! People has named the 2007 Sexiest Man Alive! And it’s…Matt Damon? Okay. Actually, we take back the lukewarm response — we love Matt Damon. He’s totally hot — remember that scene in his breakout film Good Will Hunting where he’s waxing the floors at Harvard and his biceps are bulging? That was some sexiness. He’s also smart — our noggin’s were tickled when he slipped in the reference to Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States in the script, which also won him and the less-hot Ben Affleck an Oscar. He’s a good actor — normally action movies, even with hot marquee names, bore us to tears, but the Bourne series is riveting. And he played a gay sociopath so accurately in the film The Talented Mr. Ripley. Lastly, he’s married to a totally averagely beautiful woman who used to be a waitress, which gives us hope that someday we will have sex with Brad Pitt. And yet again, People’s Sexiest Man Alive loops right back around to the guy who inspired the award in the first place. [People]