Marriage: Whatta Lifesaver!

We’ve never been insanely pro-marriage — like, we want to get married someday, probably, and totally get weepy at weddings, but we haven’t been cutting out dresses and veils from bridal magazines since we were two and assembling a “My Dream Wedding” scrapbook. That said, our cold heart got a little warmer when we saw this news story about a guy whose life was literally saved by his wedding ring. Donnie Register owns an antique shop in Jackson, MS, and when two robbers came in brandishing guns and demanding money, Register through up his hand as a shot was fired — but his wedding ring deflected the bullet. As a result his hand got a little f’ed up, but no real harm was done. This is so romantic! Although, not to bring out the Debbie Downer, but a Super Bowl ring coulda done the same thing. [MSNBC]