Lily Allen Cops A Feel

Forget batting the eyelashes or sending over a drink, Brit pop star and all around cutie pie Lily Allen takes a slightly more juvenile…err, scandalous approach to flirting with men she likes.

If I fancy someone I’m quite immature about the whole thing, and just punch them on the arm a bit. It certainly breaks the ice. And you keep punching lower and lower until you’ve got their d**k in your hand and then that’s it. You’ve got them.

Yowza! Her tactic has certainly worked, as Lily was betrothed to music producer Seb Chew for a few years and is now dilly-dallying with one of the Chemical Brothers. Wonder if Chew was equally as afraid of her aggressiveness during a breakup — many of the songs on Lily’s hot debut Alright, Still are revenge anthems that call out past loves for their bad bedroom behavior and small (below the belt) stature. Although, you think she would have noticed a guy was “Not Big” with that initial “I think I like you” punch… [Monsters and Critics]