Brad Pitt Fears Angelina Will Add Him To Her List of Suckers

We hate to say it, but Brad Pitt might be dealing with a little bit of karmic ass biting. The man who eventually left his wife Jennifer Aniston for his Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie is said to be jealous of her on-screen chemistry with new co-star James McAvoy. Angelina is filming Wanted with the British cutie (who also stars in the upcoming film Atonement) and rumor has it they’re steaming up the camera lens with the hot and heavy love scenes. As Brad knows all too well, Angelina does have a history of practicing her love-making skills off-screen with her love interests — the drooling carcases of Billy Bob Thorton, Olivier Martinez, and Jonny Lee Miller all lie in her wake. Seriously though, you know that somewhere in Malibu Jennifer Aniston is totally smoking a joint and having a major giggle-fest over this one. [MSNBC]