A Wandering Eye Is Not Such A Bad Thing

We love it when science supports our guilty habits. According to psychologists with the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, checking out members of the opposite sex (or same sex, if you’re gay) is totally natural at work — but controlling how far you take that urge to ogle is what separates humans from animals. In fact, appreciating the attractiveness of other people might actually be good for a relationship. We’re not jealous types, true, but knowing a certain Frisky boyfriend goes out on the town and no doubt sees some fine women but still comes home randy for us is kind of sexy. In fact, on the opposite side of the spectrum, sometimes when we go out with our girlfriends and relive the days of flirting with strangers at bars (sorry, honey, a girl’s gotta keep her skills well-exercised) we go home feeling extra interested in doing the frisky. Let’s face it, after a few years in a relationship, no matter how hard you try, flirting just doesn’t happen. Successful, pleasurable flirting requires an “unknown,” a sense that you don’t know what someone is thinking or feeling. So, even though you know you’re not going home with the random dude you’re innocently flirting with at the bar, there is that thrill of wondering if he would totally do you if you gave the go ahead. Too bad for him, though, you’re headed home to show your man just what that other guy is missing. Although for the record, if your guy ever looks at another woman the way Brad looks at Angelina, dump him ASAP.

So what do you gals think? Do you go out and flirt and check out other men even if you’ve got a great guy at home? Does it bother you that he might? Chime in with a comment! [MSNBC]