Worst. Husband. Ever.

Well, maybe not, but Kevin Federline is probably close. Not that we think Britney is without responsibility for her current situation, or that we always take US Weekly’s word as gospel, but the damning testimony in the current issue of the gossip rag has us wishing Britney’s ex some serious harm. According to an ex-assistant that the magazine interviewed, K-Fed basically married Britney for her money, pushed her into divorcing him, and then went after the kids in hopes of increasing the value of his alimony checks. Should have considered those family planning options before popping out those two meal tickets for the trashiest guy in town, Brit! K-Fed is like Rebecca De Mornay in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, only he’s got a bigger wife-beater collection and a “talent” for rapping. Oh, and he’s not a murderer. [Yeeeah!]