Who Says Love Don’t Cost A Thing?

The New York Post reports that a Wall Street trader is suing his ex-girlfriend for $100,000 plus interest, legal fees, and damages, complaining she blackmailed him for the 100K. She claims the money came from a promise he made, and is now reneging on, that she could cash a $100,000 check he had written her if he “used drugs, stayed out late, and frequented strippers or prostitutes.” Apparently, the douche did break the promise by going to Scores and snorting cocaine, and she went ahead and cashed this alleged check, providing back up to the court of their deal through saved IM conversations. More crazy details, after the jump. Obviously the dude is a tool for A) ever agreeing to such a stupid, gullible proposition to begin with, B) breaking the proposition so easily, and, C) staying with someone who’s so obviously out to benefit from your failures as a man and a human being. That said, she’s almost worse because although we applaud the balls it takes to cash a $100,000 check, you’re obviously a crappy person if you stay with a guy with such obviously low character that he couldn’t resist the allure of fake tits and Bolivian Marching Powder, even if it cost him a week’s bonus. Plus no judge is going to find in your favor, lady, and then what do you have left but two wasted years with a complete lose-bag and your name splashed over the New York Post, the preferred reading material of the dorks you seem to attract. Good luck finding Mr. Right! [NY Post]