SJP Is Sexy Ugly In Our Book

Maxim, that pillar of enlightened thinking for men, recently released their list of the Top Five Unsexiest Women of All Time, an assignment that, um, nobody assigned them. At the top of the list was Sarah Jessica Parker — and for that all of womankind should feel particularly smited. It’s not that we would argue that SJP is the Sexiest Woman of All Time (but hubby Matthew Broderick probably would). However, Parker does fall into that category of woman who men don’t see the appeal of but women go completely mad for. The 2001 film Kissing Jessica Stein coined the term “sexy ugly” to describe people who are not typically, traditionally beautiful (according to the patriarchal system which has, you know, that pig-slob Seth Rogen boning hot Katherine Heigl in Knocked Up) but ooze a certain gorgeousness or sex appeal that can’t be bought with the perfect button nose or full C-rack. SJP totally is what we consider to be sexy ugly. Who lands on your list? [MSNBC]