Market Test: The Shenis

One of the sucky things about being a woman is not being able to pee standing up during emergency situations. When nature calls and a loo isn’t available, it would be so nice to do a little zip and piss with no one the wiser. Doing the ol’ crouch and pee between a pair of parked cars often results in ass-soaking back splash and the occasional damp foot. The makers of the Shenis feel our pain. What looks like a sex toy is actually a handy-dandy portable penis-shaped funnel of sorts, which women can place below their nether regions and pee into, resulting in a stream that ends up far, far away from your backside and your Manolo Blahniks. Tried and tested, chick approved, we only have a few qualms with the Shenis that are preventing us from breaking out the plastic.

1) Um, isn’t it a little large to discretely fit into most evening handbags?
2) When you’re done using it, isn’t it too wet and soiled to put anywhere other than a plastic bag? Does it come with its own portable cleaning kit as well?

Get a look at the 14K contraption after the jump…