Male Birth Control: Worth The Research Bucks?

So, science is apparently getting closer to developing a new form of male contraception (besides condoms, vasectomies, and porn). Preliminary tests have been done on a number of different options including a testosterone gel, a shot similar to Depo-Provera, a contraceptive pill, and the “Intra-Vas Device” which blocks the production of sperm. Scientists say that it will take consumer demand, however, for any of these experiments to actually develop into products available for public consumption. Here’s the thing: We’re all for men sharing equal responsibility in sexual situations, however even if male contraception was available, say, in the form of a pill, we’re not sure we’d trust the dudes to take it. There’s a certain urgency that comes with being the one who’s capable of carrying a child that men might not be able to understand, not that it’s their fault. Now, if missing a few pills meant that your boyfriend, or husband, or one-night-stand, or hook-up, or whoever, might spend the next nine months fraught with morning sickness, fat ankles, and the looming agony of birth pain, then we’d be in business! [Science Daily]