Knocked Up: The Most Controversial and Thought-Provoking Stupid-Funny Movie Ever

Wow. The last movie that made us this upset and confused was, like, Fahrenheit 9/11, so imagine our surprise when we found ourselves wanting to stab Ben (Seth Rogen) in the face as we shouted “Abort! Abort!” at Alison (Katherine Heigl), like she could hear us or something. Sadly, Judd Apatow, the man behind the ever more hilarious but not nearly as emotion-inspiring 40-Year-Old Virgin, probably didn’t intend for his summer blockbuster to get women involved in a heated debate about unplanned pregnancies, but, well, it did. Our highly expertised movie criticism after the jump.Knocked Up, which, to make a long story short, tells the tale of a hot, successful 20-something who gets pregnant with a fat, lazy stoner’s baby thanks to a mysteriously condom-less one night stand, sends a bit of a pro-life message. Abortion is never actually considered by Alison. In fact, the word abortion is never mentioned, least of all by her. Alison’s mom refers to ending the pregnancy as “taking care of it,” as if it’s still some sort of back alley procedure done with a dirty wire hanger, while Ben’s retarded friends refer to it as a “schmaschmortion” or something equally as dirty-word-implying. That’s not to say that a pro-choice woman would necessarily abort a baby that is the product of a one-night stand, but probably would at least give it a thought. So would every other Alison-esque girl we know. That said, this movie is supposed to be a freaking comedy not a documentary or Planned Parenthood advertisement, so we understand the need to skip past the nitty gritty decision making to get to the meat of the story, i.e., these two idiots having a child together. But we still think avoiding the whole “should I or should I not have this baby” debate is such a man-child-director thing to do, especially when your whole reason for directing is to humanize dumb-but-good-hearted oafs who just need a disaster, and a good woman, to change ‘em. And if you skip wearing a condom to get there, so be it.

Knocked Up is out on DVD this week. [Amazon]