Dress Your Daughter Like A Whore For Halloween

Let’s face it, the best part about Halloween is that otherwise demure women can dress up like sluts. Insert “sexy” in front of any profession/character/noun and you’ve got your costume — Sexy Librarian, Sexy Mustard, Sexy Football Player. However, we draw the line at sexy costumes for kids. On a children’s costume website we came across, the get-ups for girls under the “Occupational” category are a pedophile’s wet dream and should be every mom’s nightmare. Take “Major Flirt Child”, a mini-skirted army green fatigued tartlet who’s got boys standing at full attention! It’s never too early to teach a lady how to toy with men. But why stop at just flirting? Your nine-year-old would be even more fetching in the Halloween parade as a “Playground Tramp.” [Girl’s Occupational Costumes]